Chapter 17 Questions and Additional Resources

PBL CHECKLIST: Downloadable Click Here



____ Teacher defined learning goals.


____ Learner defined learning goals.


____ Core standards specific to level/subject


____ Cognitive skills


____ Soft skills (or 21st century skills)


____ ISTE NETS skills


____ Learners collaborate with each other.

____ Work with mentors.



____ Problem/question is defined at start of the project.


____ Problem/question is refined during the project.


____ Authentic Audience is defined before the start of the project.

____ Authentic Audience is refined during the project.


____ Learning targets are defined and measurable.

____ Standards are aligned to tasks throughout experience.


____ Student choice in any of following: content, process, tools, materials, technology, & demonstrating understanding


____ Time built in for reflection and iterative process.

____ Product is created & made available to real audience.